Data center sensors

Data center sensors

Our SmartSensors are a comprehensive set of environmental sensors, engineered to facilitate easy deployment while providing the most accurate data and insight to your operation.

When mission critical IT hardware is your responsibility, it’s important to be aware of any environmental hazards that could impact or jeopardize the performance and life of your IT assets. The sensors provide real-time environment alerts, notifying you immediately when something is astray, increasing the response time to remediate any critical risks. You can easily recognize hot spots, optimally cool equipment, and prevent costly downtime.

Your Benefits

•    Easy deployment with scalable sensor technology
•    Ensure uptime by monitoring racks for potential hot spots
•    Save on cooling by confidently raising data center temperatures
•    Stay alerted 24/7 of service-impacting conditions
•    Obtain the right insight to drive strategic decisions on cooling design and containment
•    Scale new implementations under a single reliable technology platform
•    Get a clearer vision into your environment with higher accuracy sensors
•    Improve field response-time to alerts with status LEDs

Looking for a central connection point for your Sensors? The Raritan EMX works for as a hub for all of Raritan’s environmental sensors. The EMX smart rack controller offers up to eight sensor ports, eight feature ports for Raritan’s dynamic asset-tracking solution and eight RS-485 ports, all in a 1U form factor. 

This is only a small selection of our Sensor product range. Curious about our full range of Sensor solutions? 

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