Data center rack transfer switches

Data center rack transfer switches

With more than 30 years of experience and over 50,000 deployments worldwide, Raritan, part of the Legrand Group, is a leading provider of KVM-over-IP switches*. Every day, IT administrators and infrastructure teams in IT test labs, data centers, and transmission, telecom and control rooms rely on the performance and enterprise features of Raritan's KVM switches and serial console servers to reliably run business-critical applications. Our products deliver speed, performance, security and functionality. KVM-over-IP switch resolution can now match that of analog switches in many cases, and all Raritan products provide enhanced security with the highest level of encryption.

Remote management of servers enables IT professionals to monitor and control data centers (servers) from outside. Data centers depend on these technologies and services for remote server management to extend their reach by controlling servers and systems without physical access to them. 


  • Remote server management via KVM-over-IP, serial or mixed. 
  • Remote access helps to realize a 'lights-out' data center 

KVM-over-IP switches use Ethernet and TCP/IP networks to provide remote access, control and management anytime, anywhere. Raritan, a Legrand brand, Dominion KVM-over-IP switches from Dominion provide rack access, IP access and control over LAN, WAN and the Internet. 

Suitable for small labs to the largest enterprise data centers, Raritan is the market leader in KVM-over-IP switches.

Serial console servers, also known as terminal servers, provide IT and network administrators with secure, serial-over-IP access and control over serial devices-anytime, anywhere. Raritan, a Legrand brand, offers the most powerful, secure, reliable and easy-to-use console server on the market. 


More Information

Raritan's hybrid rack transfer switch system is the first in the world to offer both electromechanical relays and silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to overcome the limitations of a traditional automatic transfer switch (ATS). It provides load transfer times that are comparable to that of a static transfer switch (STS), more energy efficiently, and at a far more accessible price point.  

It is also the first in the world to offer inlet, outlet, and branch circuit level power metering; and outlet-level switching for better remote power control.  

In Short:
•    Current sampling at 4,800 times per second for load transfers within 4 to 8ms.
•    Oversized relays, rated at 48A, and SCRs, rated at 70A, even though the transfer switches are intended for 16A and 32A loads.
•    Relay contact air gap of 3.3mm vs. the 0.6mm gap used in most transfer switch relays on the market to prevent electric arcing.
•    Two single throw relays instead of one double throw relay (a single point of failure) to support reliable out-of-phase transfers.
•    Only rack transfer switch in the market proposing Inlet, outlet, and branch circuit level metering as well as remote outlet switching.