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Mobile data center

Mobile Data Centers

Simplicity combined with reliability, efficiency and economy. The fully assembled solutions are available from the Minkels standard catalog. All solutions can of course be supplemented with a wide range of options and accessories.

One of Minkels' micro-data center solutions is the MatrixCube. Minkels and Legrand have combined power distribution, cooling, enclosure and mechanical infrastructure in a single solution. This makes the MatrixCube a complete and compact server room. The MatrixCube is independent of the room in which it is located and can be implemented at almost any location in the company. No radical changes to the building structure are necessary.

A modular solution for mobile data storage

In today's digital economy, the availability of digital systems is of utmost importance. A good infrastructure is the essential backbone for constant availability. Data centers are fundamental for services such as cloud, mobile applications and other digital applications.

More and more organizations are coming to the conclusion that digital facilities are critical to their daily operations and are considering issues such as "business continuity" and "disaster recovery". Existing (cloud) data centers offer data storage, but to meet current storage needs, there is a growing need for additional data center capacity in the short term. Companies show a preference for modular solutions and do not accept disruption to their primary processes.

A complete solution for mobile data centers  - To meet these requirements, ENGIE has developed a fully integrated modular mobile data center in collaboration with Legrand: the 'ENGIE Mobile Data Center - powered by Legrand' (EMDC). In this pre-built mobile data center, cooling solutions from ENGIE Refrigeration are combined with energy-efficient data center solutions from Legrand to achieve optimal yield and continuous performance. This unique, flexible data storage infrastructure solution is available to you if you need additional capacity at short notice or if you want to keep data protection-related information out of the cloud. The EMDC is a great (temporary) alternative for a traditional data center whenever you are in the process of renovating, expanding or upgrading your facilities.

Your Benefits

  • Sustainable technology, energy efficiency and cost reduction
  • Plug and Play All-in-One solution for data centers
  • Mobile and can be placed in the place you prefer: on the parking lot or even on the roof
  • Unlike the traditional construction method, this solution does not interfere with your primary processes
  • A temporary, permanent or backup facility
  • Fast delivery thanks to the standardization of the modules
  • Easy to configure with our online web configurator


ICT-neutral overall concept

The EMDC is an ICT-neutral overall concept designed for the industrial sector, infrastructure and supply market and covers the entire process of design, implementation, service and, if necessary, logistical service provision. Our mobile data center is available in two sizes (8m x 3m and 13m x 3m), whereby all necessary data center components are integrated in this one housing. Thanks to prefabrication, the lead time can be reduced by up to 40% compared to conventional data centers. The reliability and availability of the EMDC is equivalent to that of a traditional data center or server room. Of course, ENGIE can offer you more than just the delivery of your EMDC. We are happy to take over all necessary (infrastructural) tasks such as the realization of the power supply or the establishment of communication links.


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ICT-neutral overall concept

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